Best Gaming Monitors

S273HL: New 27-Inch 2ms Monitor from Acer

The Acer S273HL is a new 27-inch monitor with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. With a large panel and great response time (2ms) it shold be perfect for gaming. In addition; thanks LED backlighting instead of traditional CCFL, this model draws only 17.1W, wich is 68 percent less than comparable CCFL-based displays.

The newcomer measures only 21mm (0.8 inches) in depth and comes in a very interesting design with a nice-looking aluminum stand. Other than the aforementioned specifications, the new monitor boasts 12,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast and dual HDMI inputs. best portable monitor 2019

LG W2363V Keeps Up with the Fastest Games

LG’s latest 23-inch monitor W2363V is a gaming monitor from LG that promises performance above the ordinary. It’s a 23-inch display with an output a brightness of 300 candelas per square meter and offers viewing angles 176 and 170 degrees. With the appropriate resolution for games – 1920×1080 pixels it follows the 16:9 format.

The display has a feature called Thru Mode, which is said to reduce the time of image processing so that the player experiences the game in real time. This is a proprietary feature from LG. The response time is just 2 milliseconds.

At the bottom of the screen sits a small light ramp that lights up in different patterns – adapted after the game, but it can also be used when watching movies. In terms of connectivity, the W2363V offers dual HDMI inputs, component video and DVI.

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